I regularly deliver public and private training, as well as workshops and tutorials at conferences like O'Reilly Velocity, QCON, PyCon, and many others.

You can see my next scheduled public sessions, as well as a number of training materials, on

In the past, I've taught Python, Linux system programming, networking, system administration. These days most of my training engagements revolve around containers, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Docker and containers

I will address the needs of your team, whether you need a half-day intro-level workshop or an extensive 3-day training including deep dives on container internals like namespaces and cgroups.

Curious? Here are a few resources:

Orchestration and Kubernetes

My Kubernetes curriculum is designed to be useful to both new and existing Kubernetes users. It is continuously updated to the latest Kubernetes version, and extended to include the newest trends and tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

My content is designed to be adapted to various lengths and audiences. Here are a couple of examples of detailed curriculums:

If you're wondering if that content is what you're looking for, here are more resources:

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